4 + 1 Week Full Immersion Program

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4 + 1 Week Full Immersion Program

Time & Location

Online or at my studio in
Davesco-Soragno, 6964 Lugano, Switzerland

About the event

This is a full comitment special program of 1 week preparation and 4 weeks training. I can take only 4 clients in this program at a time to ensure the right comitment and quality to achieve the cients goals.

A Body composition assessment and fitness check to establish your “Full Immersion Fitness Plan”.

A xx pages full Immersion Fitness Guide with all the information about what you need to achieve your goal.

You will get full access to the Member area of my Webpage with exercise explanation videos to learn the basic movement for exercising during the Full Immersion Fitness Plan. You will also find Workout videos which you are going to complete according to your personalised training plan.

From Monday to Friday you are going to complete 2 One to One session with me and 3 workout videos by your self through my website. In total you will have a training routine of 5 Workouts a Week, each One to One session takes 60 - 90 minutes each workout video takes 45 - 60 Minutes. 

“After the 5 Workouts enjoy your weekend and learn how to enjoy them even more but WISER”

Nutrition is extremely essential to achieve your fitness goal. You will follow easy manageable Nutrition guidelines and I will support you to keep going.

Intermitting fasting guidance - a very effective way to manage your weight.

“To get fit and healthy begins and ends in your head - it is never to late to learn something NEW” 

What you get:

- 1st week mental preparation & consulting

- Body Composition Assessment and taget setting

- Fit Check

- E-Book Guid with xx pages with all the essential informations to achieve your fitness goal

          - Training method

          - Macronutrion explanation

          - Nutrition Factlist

          - Intermitting fasting guide

          - Possible cause of Cellulite and how we can you fix it

          - Food recepies

- 4 week fitness plan

- 4 week food plan

- 2-3 hours a week of one to one training and consulting 

- Access to my website "Clinet" area with workout videos and exercise explanation videos

- Daily motivation chat

One to one at my studio "4 + 1 week full immersion program" 1000.00 swiss francs

Online "4 + 1 week full immersion program" 700.00 swiss francs

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